Chums series by Jean Ure

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Jean Ure has written over sixty books for children and young people. She is a vegan and committed to animal rights hence her passion for writing about animals. She lives with her husband Leonard and 7 stray dogs and cats in a 300-year-old cottage in Croydon.

Buster (#1)
Four stray dogs all with a story to tell of their rescue and how they came to live at Munchy Flats Cottage with their people Flossie and Jo. Buster is the boss dog, and he tells the stories…
The first of four titles, each one told through the voice of a rescued dog.
Buster the Bitsa is the star of this first book. He’s a mongrel – a bit of this and a bit of that. He’s the boss dog, the one who arrived at Munchy Flats cottage first. When Buster was a puppy he had a lovely warm and loving home. Being an adventurous little soul, he got out of the garden one day and was dognapped by a rogue. He was taken to live with a family who didn’t care for him but he managed to escape. Roaming the woods and fields he rescues a dear little lapdog and becomes a hero – with his picture in all the papers. His People recognise him and there’s a joyful reunion.

Bella (#2)
The second title in this new series. Bella is a pedigree – her real name being Princess Isadora of Bude! She’s a lapdog and spoilt rotten by her elderly owner. When her owner is taken into hospital, Bella has to go and live with another family and is bullied and teased by the other dogs. Bella’s hair gets matted, her ribbon torn and she’s very unhappy. She runs back to the hospital where she thinks her owner is, but sadly her owner has died. Bella has to learn to live with her new bullying siblings. One day, out in the park Bella is bullied by a pack of dogs and is left cowering in the bushes. Her new owners decide that they must find Bella a new home and they take her to Munchy Flats Cottage where she settles in nicely with Buster… A heartwarming ending to a story about bullying dogs.

Bouncer (#3)
The Third Chums title in which Bouncer comes to live at Munchy Flats with Buster and Bella. Bouncer is a very lively little Jack Russell terrier. He’s a cheeky young whipper snapper and Buster doesn’t like it when he starts digging up his garden! Bouncer is just a nuisance to the other dogs and Buster decides he needs taking down a peg or two. However, he doesn’t need to because a farmer – with a gun – does it for him. Bouncer has the shock of his young life when the gun goes off but he is still too lively for his owner. Bouncer turns up again at Munchy Flats Cottage with a label round his neck ‘My name is Bouncer and I have been a naughty boy. But I am not a bad boy at heart. Please give me a second chance.’! So Bouncer joins Bella and Buster at Munchy Flats Cottage – where he is a good boy, at heart!

Bonnie (#4)
Four stray dogs, all with a story to tell of their rescue and how they came to live at Munchy Flats Cottage, with their people Flossie and Joe. This is Bonnie’s story .
Poor little Bonnie was a pathetic, timid little dog. As a puppy she was taken to a loving home, where her People – Alison and Jake – adored her. But they started arguing and eventually split up. Jake left home and Bonnie was left with Alison who wasn’t quite as kind as her partner had been. When Alison’s new friend moves in, he doesn’t particularly like dogs and Bonnie finds herself ignored for most of the time. She escapes to the countryside but injures her paw on a rusty nail and is bleeding and frightened. Buster – that very brave dog – finds her and coaxes her out The Munchy Flats People find both dogs and taken them home to their growing family!