Write Everything Right!: Let the world's highest-paid writers show you the secrets of making readers love your: e-mails, letters, memos, blog, ... website and yes, especially your résumé! by Denny Hatch

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DOES YOUR WRITING EVER BORE READERS? Write Everything Right! will introduce you to the tested and proven attention-getting (and attention-holding) secrets of an elite, anonymous cadre of writers. They earn six and seven figures a year. These are advertising copywriters who have been mobilizing the English language and sending it out to sell for the past 800 years.
Their unique skill: copy so powerful and smooth, it's easier to read than to skip. Whether creating a letter, memo, e-mail, special report, proposal, press release, advertisement, or a full-blown book, you, too, are selling. You are selling the reader on continuing on to the next word, next sentence, next paragraph and next page, all the way to the end.

ALWAYS BE A READABLE WRITER! • Never start with an outline. Never start with a title. Chapter 5
• Don't write. Telegraph! Chapter 13
• Why your headline must be for readers and robots. Chapter 12
• How to find your best lead line and lead paragraph. Chapter 13
• Getting free off the Internet what others pay for. Chapter 3
• This word guarantees your press release will be read. Chapter 29
• The maximum number of words in a readable sentence. Chapter 15
• 50 most looked-up words by New York Times readers. Chapter 19
• How long should a letter be? Chapter 26
• 8 techniques to avoid writer's block. Chapter 9
• 10 boilerplate phrases that can kill your résumé. Chapter 25
• The art of being a superb interviewer. Chapter 36
• Organizing prose: the inverted pyramid. Chapter 19