Japanese for Travelers Phrasebo - Scott Rutherford
epub | 6.31 MB | English | Isbn:978-4-8053-1348-0 |
Author: Scott Rutherford | PAge: 192 | Year: 2017


This travel-sized 4 x 7 inch book is a combination Japanese phrasebook, Japanese travel guide and Japanese etiquette guide.
Packed with expressions and information for every travel situation, Japanese for Travelers Phrasebook & Dictionary helps you to get around and communicate more effectively during your time in Japan. This book includes hundreds of tips and phrases for the following situations:[*]Asking directions[*] Shopping and asking about prices[*] Ordering food and drinks[*] Getting connected to the Internet[*] Taking a subway, bus or taxi[*] Asking for help[*] Daily conversations
Helpful illustrations demystify Japan's complicated rail system and provide handy information on ferry travel as well. The text offers tips on where to look for a cheap, comfortable night's sleep (you'd be surprised) to whom not to stand behind when in line at customs, as well as essential things to purchase for your Japan trip...
Category:Polyglot Dictionaries, Travel Language Phrasebooks, Japanese Travel

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