My 20 books - July 2018
20 Books | PDF/EPUB | English | 64 MB

A collection of 20 diverse books for the booklovers:

01. Arts, Health and Wellbeing - A Theoretical Inquiry for Practice
02. Chasing Captain America - How Advances in Science, Engineering, and Biotechnology Will Produce a Superhuman
03. From Vines to Wines in Classical Rome
04. Jokes - Have a Laugh and Improve Your English
05. Planet Hunters - The Search for Extraterrestrial Life
06. Science Magic - Martin Gardner's Tricks & Puzzles
07. The Equation that Couldn't Be Solved

08. Brilliant Blunders - From Darwin to Einstein
09. Doing It Let's Talk About Sex
10. How Not To Be A Doctor And Other Essays
11. Hype - A Doctor's Guide to Medical Myths, Exaggerated Claims, and Bad Advice
12. Is God a Mathematician?
13. Lies My Doctor Told Me - Medical Myths That Can Harm Your Health
14. Maths in Bite-sized Chunks
15. Miracle on Voodoo Mountain - A Young Woman's Remarkable Story of Pushing Back the Darkness for the Children of Haiti
16. Radioactivity - A History of a Mysterious Science
17. Taoist Foreplay - Love Meridians and Pressure Points
18. The Golden Ratio - The Story of Phi, the World's Most Astonishing Number
19. The Oxford Companion to Fairy Tales (2nd Ed)
10. Zero - The Biography of a Dangerous Idea