Kung-Fu HighImpact[Region-Free/XBOX360/2011]-FAM

Region: Region Free Languages: English (Multi 5) | Size: 1 DVD Genre: Fighting | Platform: XBOX 360 Date: November 2011

Release Info:

Are you ready to kick some serious ass?! Step inside the coolest, most
impressive and magnificently entertaining adventure known to man. With the
power of Kinect, Kung-Fu High Impact scans YOU inside a world of pulp
action comics to kick, punch and shoot lightning from your hands like never
before. Literally become a super-powered kung-fu hero and experience the
intense action of the coolest full-body motion fighting game to date!

Make yourself a legend in a brand new story full of new features, levels
enemies, super powers and a renewed visual style. Star in a comic book
adventure, create custom fights and test your skills in all new survival
modes. Kung-Fu High Impact is fun to play and fun to watch. Whether you
play solo or with friends, Kung-Fu High Impact allows you to kick ass on a
whole new level