Size: 7054 MB | Region: FREE | Genre: Coaching / Sports
Publisher: Majesco | Developer: Panic Button
Release Date: 12.10.2011 | Language: ENG + ??

Utilizing the Kinect motion sensor, Hulk Hogan's Main Event is the first performance-based wrestling game, letting players train with mentor Hulk Hogan as they build their own wrestling personalities and learn the art of showmanship to win over the crowd. Players will learn the ropes from the man himself as Hulk Hogan schools them on delivering the best show for the crowd by emulating famous Hulk poses and performing more than 30 punishing combos. The Kinect sensor tracks players' every move; the more dynamic the motion, the more high impact the wrestler's performance is. Players will create their own unique wrestler personality through a robust create-a-wrestler feature including many choices for face, hair, tattoos, outfit, ethnicity, body type, and entrance music. Perform in nine different venues including the backyard brawl, local gym and giant stadium in front of a massive audience. Enter tournament mode for two player tag-team and take turns delivering extreme moves. Best of all, players can wield a variety of damaging objects including metal chairs and ladders to deliver bone-jarring hits to their opponents.

Features :

Hulk Hogan, wrestling icon and global sensation serves as your mentor and coach showing you the ropes on delivering the best show for the crowd.
Perform 50+ unique jaw dropping special attacks, general moves and stunts as the Kinect sensor tracks your every punch and kick. Demonstrate your wrestling prowess with destructive combos and finishing moves using a pile driver and chair smash or body slam and clothesline to pump up the crowd.
Build Your Ultimate Wrestler: Create your ring superstar by choosing ethnicity, body type, face, hair style and tattoos, and then customize his outfit to your liking.
It's all about showmanship so whether you're giving the hits, taking the damage or selling the pain, your goal is to get the crowd roaring with your best performance to achieve the highest score. Gauge your performance via the Crowd Meter.
Multiple Gameplay Modes: Campaign (Story) -- Work your way from backyard matches to the big stadium while keeping the crowd on their feet. Tournament -- Tag-team and take turns delivering punishing combos against your opponents. Quick Stunt -- Launch into any extreme stunt you want to practice and demonstrate in the ring. Hardcore -- Fight tough-to-beat enemy wrestlers under the extreme difficulty setting. Tutorial -- Learn basic moves and special stunts to become the best. Replay Highlights -- Relive your best stunts in slow motion to revel in your glory days.
Perform in 9 radically different venues including the backyard, local gym and giant stadium in front of a massive, roaring crowd.
Use a variety of damaging props and objects including metal chairs and ladders to excite the crowd and deliver extreme pain to your rivals.
Xbox LIVE Leaderboards showcase Stunt of the Day and All Time Best Stunts from players nationwide.