AllData V10 53 Automotive Service Advisor Disc 3 of 3 (Mastertech)
Size 3.301 G
Note: Discs 1 - 3 are Service Advisor discs and contain NO repair data

Program Information:

These 3 Service Advisor discs are intended for use by service sales personnel so they can make estimates and recommend service to the shop?s customers. They contain NO repair information as they are designed to limit a Service Advisor?s access to the repair program This information is already in the Repair Discs.

They contain Parts and Labor Time information as well as Maintenance Schedules for the vehicles that AllData Repair supports.

****To Run These You Must****

-Have the Latest Version of AllData Repair Program installed (without the repair data discs installed)

-Use the Use the ?Disc Copy? option in the program to install them on the hard drive or burn them to discs. Install them or use them as you would a Repair Disc.

NOTE: The AllData repair program will not allow BOTH repair and service advisor discs to run on the same computer as this same information is available on the repair discs. This is meant for a separate computer(s) in your shop that the Service Sales team has access to. (So they don?t give away the store! Lol!
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