Microsoft Office ProPlus 2013 VL x86 en-US Baseline
708 MB4GB
I've included a link to Microsoft Toolkit. You should be able to use MTK to activate this. You need .Net 4.x installed to use it. Note that Win8.x takes over the OSPP activation service and uses the OS KMS activation version. In Win8.0 it uses KMS v5. In Win8.1 it uses KMS v6.

There is currently no offline activator that uses KMS v6, so if you install this on Windows 8.1, you will need a legit MAK, online KMS v6 server that supports Office 2013, or wait for a KMS v6 activator. I've just told you, so don't ask me how to activate it on 8.1.

This version has no updates and is meant to be used as a patch source to save bandwidth every month for people who like to have a current version with all the MSP hotfixes included. You can use this as-is or patch it to a newer version when I release them.


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