FarStone Total Backup Recovery Server 9.2 - 20130903

FarStone Total Backup Recovery Server 9.2 - 20130903 | 548.71 MB

FarStone Total Backup Recovery Server protects your business from the high costs of computer failure and operational losses. Total Backup Recovery Server centralizes backup and recovery management, which provides businesses with a cost-effective infrastructure for greater business functionality and resilience. Leverage your business continuity through our easy to use, yet powerful tools to meet your recovery time objects, eliminate operational downtime, and improve productivity.
Total Backup Recoverys Suite of backup features includes:
Administration Console manage multiple servers (Included for Free)
Restore to dissimilar server (Included for Free)
Clone and upgrade servers hard drive to a new one or SSD ( Free)
Backup & restore entire Windows server in a click
Smart Cloning and Perfect Defrag (Included for Free)
PXE Server Support (Included for Free)
Easily upgrade server in clicks
Back up server without disrupting any work in progress
Automatical backup, encryption and intelligent scheduler
EFI/UEFI/GPT/Dynamic support
VMware & Hyper-v support (Included for Free)
Multiple Backup Jobs
FTP Remote Backup
Quota Management
Google Desktop Search Incorporated
Open File Backup
Email Notification Upon Backup
Pre and Post Backup Command
FarStone Easy to Use and Powerful Recovery Manager

Whats new in Total Backup Recovery Server 9:
* Support Windows 8 & Windows Server 2012
* Customize bootable media by adding your drivers and other programs into Recovery Manager (Included for Free)
* Combine one-to-one connection and one-to-multiple connection into an integrated UI
* Enhanced Job control & Log views from Console
* Fully compatible with RestoreIT
* Source File Exclusion
* Differential backup added
* Enhanced Scheduler & Quota Management
* Intuitive graphic view for hard drives
* UEFI-based System Support
* Administrative Console
* GPT/Dynamic Disk Support
* Dissimilar Restore
* VMWare/VHD Support
* Password Recovery
* Domain Controller Support
* Enhanced Software and Hardware RAID Support
* Hot/Cold Imaging Backup