STATISTICA 10 Enterprise x86-x64

STATISTICA 10 Enterprise x86-x64 | 2.3 GB

STATISTICA - a system for statistical data analysis , including a wide range of analytical procedures and methods:
More than 100 different types of graphs , descriptive statistics and intra-group , exploratory data analysis , correlation , fast basic statistics and block statistics, probability calculator online , T- criteria ( and Other criteria for group differences ) , frequency tables, conjugation , flags and titles , the analysis of multi-dimensional responses, multiple regression , nonparametric statistics, the total model variance and covariance analysis, fitting distributions , data mining , neural networks, and more .

STATISTICA series products are based on the most advanced technologies are fully consistent with the latest advances in the field of IT, allow us to solve any problems in the area of ??data analysis and processing , are ideally suited for solving practical problems in marketing, finance, insurance , economics, business , industry, medicine , etc . etc.

STATISTICA 10 Enterprise
Version : ( with an update to 10.0.1011.6 )
Developer : StatSoft, Inc.
Website Developer : STATISTICA | Enterprise: Collaborative Analytics
Bit depth : 32bit +64 bit
Compatibility with Vista: complete
Compatible with Windows 7: complete
Language : English
Medicine: Present
System requirements :
Minimum System Requirements
Operating system : Windows XP or higher
RAM : 2 GB
Processor: 1 GHz
Recommended system requirements
Operating System : Windows Server 2003 or higher
RAM : 8 GB
CPU: 2 GHz , 64 -bit , dual-core