MakeMusic - Finale 2011 r.2 x86 x64 [2010, ENG

MakeMusic - Finale 2011 r.2 x86 x64 [2010, ENG] | 2.6 GB

Makemusic finale2011 - this is a new version of the professional notation software designed for professional musicians and music typesetters.


New improvement: optimization of systems abolished, its functions replaced by new tool Staff, with which you can hide the empty mills and change the distance between them.

To change the distance between the mills, select the Staff Tool and drag the handle to the camp. Double-clicking on the handle, you can change the distance between the mills on all systems.

To hide the empty mills on all systems, select the tool Staff, in the Edit menu, click Select All, and in the Staff menu, select Hide Empty Staves.

To display hidden mills on any system in the Staff Tool, right-click on the handle to raze the camp, and from the context menu, select to display the camp.

To change the order of the mills on the system in the Staff Tool Tool menu, select Reorder Staves.

Starting a new part of the play within a document, you can now easily display the full name of the camp, and the group. To do this, double-click the Measure tool on the first step of a new part to open the Properties window, select the tact Show Full Staff & Group Name.

A new window vocal text can be used to solve a variety of problems: typing in notes, his appointment click, switch to another form of the text, change the font, etc.

Lyrics to the Tools menu now has a auto-numbering verses.

With the help menu of the vocal text, you can insert a "hard" space and "solid" transfer.

Use the new font AlphaNotes to insert a musical head, the names of notes, sharps, flats, and other characters.

The new font Percussion includes a library of standard symbols for percussion instruments.

The new font Mallets molotochkovye contains a variety of icons and allows you to create a pair of overlapping characters.

In the Utilities menu, you can easily add capo chords and fret diagrams (Add / Remove Capo Chords).

In Finale available more than 375 sounds Garritan. Among the new - bass trombone, brass band, children's 'A' group flutes, electronic drums, voice synthesis (space), synth background (warm) and steel drums.

Tired of downloading tools Aria Player for each document? It is now possible to save and load composition tools.

If the drum there is a transition to a new tool, you can voice with nuances in the properties of play which appeared MIDI-map shock.

Following the appointment of off-beat now it appears automatically pause.

You can change the distance between the mills in any selected area without affecting other parts of the document.

The distance between the mills in Scroll View and Page View is now completely different. However, the location of mills in Scroll View can be transferred to the Page View window using Respace Staves.

Finale 2011 features a new color scheme musical elements.

Features Finale 2011:

Video QuickStart can help without spending time reading manuals quickly figure out how to start this or that process work in Finale 2011. The program also includes online help, which is easy to find the right answer to the question.

Enter the notes in any convenient way!

You can drive a note in any convenient way - from MIDI-keyboard and ending with the computer mouse, scanning or using the exclusive features in Finale 2011 MicNotator. Neither MIDI editor will not offer you as much input features!

Add tags or text

Finale 2011 enables automatic alignment of not only music, but also a variety of labels.

Listening to the songs created

The program includes innovative tools for quality listening songs written by you.

Sharing creates compositions

Finale 2011 allows you to create electronic documents with notes, which can be explicitly shared with other users. The document can edit, print, save changes.

The latest version includes many new features that make the process of making music even easier and interesney.

A word of advice for installation

Run the file autorun.exe. This shell will launch three programs at a time of installation - 1) actual Finale, 2) Aria player and 3) sound library Garritan. Everywhere press "Yes", "agree", "continue" or the like.
After the installation of the entire package is complete run the file patch Finale 2011.r2.exe (from my patch finale 2011WinXP) and apply it to the file Finale 2011ehe that should be present in your installation folder .... that's all .. .