Garmin BlueChart g2 Vision 11.50 VEU713L - Finland

Garmin BlueChart g2 Vision 11.50 VEU713L - Finland | 1.81 GB

Due to the BlueChart ? g2 you can more clearly see the surrounding countryside. With BlueChart g2 get detailed marine cartography that provides a convenient overview of the sea of ??content. Cartography BlueChart g2 allows you to see the exact position of the vessel relative to your navigation marks, coastal facilities, anchorages, obstructions, waterways, prohibited areas, and many other objects.

You also get access to features detailed maps, which include Safety Shading (literally - safely shading) ?, Fishing Charts (fishing maps) ?, a smooth transition of data between different levels of zoom, harmonious transition across the boundaries of different cards and decrease interruptions cards.

Coverage: Detailed coverage of the Finnish coast along the Gulf of Bothnia and Gulf of Finland. The coverage area extends from Tornio (Finland) to Vyborg (Russia), and includes the cities of Oulu, Turku, Helsinki and Kotka (Finlyadnii), and also Hailuoto and Vallgraund. The coverage area includes a detailed map of inland lakes of Finland (Inari-Jarvi, Miyoko-Jarvi, Simo-Jarvi, Chianti-Jarvi and Lohia-Jarvi). Also includes detailed coverage of Oulu-Jarvi, Pielinen, Saimaa, Paiyanne, Nasi-Jarvi, etc. The total coverage of the Estonian and Russian coast along the Gulf of Finland.
FID: 2027

Release Date: 2011
Version: 11.50
Developer: Garmin
Language: English
Key: Not required. (Map unlocked)
System requirements: Garmin, Garmin Mobile XT