Dlsoft AnyLabels v4.6 Dc 020713 | 38.2 Mb
Design and print barcode labels and tickets from almost any data source with AnyLabels 4 including Access 2003-2010 databases, Excel 2003-2010 spreadsheets, Text or CSV files, SQL databases, Oracle databases, or most other ODBC and OLEDB data sources for a host of applications. Now includes read/write CSV databases

-Label/Ticket/Card size easily specified in a dialog box.
- Supports text, barcode, shape, line and picture elements. Text may be centred, or left or right aligned and may be rotated through any angle.
- Date blocks may contain a replacement date which may be set by the user and printed in any Windows format.
- Record and label sequence numbering - an alphanumeric prefix plus an incrementing counter. Duplicates may be optionally sequenced.
- Each element on the label may be specified by using designer interface. Element data may be specified at design time or be taken from a field in the data source.
- Designer allows wide range of scale setting, snap grids and multiple element selection.
- Includes samples for Excel, Access and a CSV data file.
- Barcode driver permits records to be displayed, copied or printed on a barcode scan. AnyLabels own read/write databases may also have date/time recorded or a value added to a field on a barcode scan.
- Selection view allows records to be printed by mouse click or touch screen press.
- Supports printing batches of labels, with number of specific labels user-defined or taken from a data field.
- Supports log files and maintains sequence numbers if required.
- Full HELP system and online video tutorial

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